November 28th, 2018 / By Clarissa Allison

In this weekly series, we’ll discuss the best reasons for a business of any size to make the switch from their POTS (plain old telephone system) to a hosted cloud telecom solution. Let’s talk about why Crexendo stands out in the “cloud”!

The waiting game is over. No more sitting around months on end for new features to become available for your business phone system. Crexendo’s expert engineers have regular updates that occur every 6-8 weeks, providing you with continual enhancements at no extra charge. Giving you what you need when you need it: We consistently deliver the latest and greatest telecom features. Scheduled updates occur every 6-8 weeks without any downtime to Crexendo’s customers, preventing any disruption to business productivity. Crexendo’s phone system is made with our customers’ needs in mind resulting in the most versatile and productive
system money can buy.

“A lot of Crexendo’s strength lies in the fact that we develop all of our own technology in-house using our dedicated team of over 50 engineers. Having our own engineers on staff means that we can take feedback from our customers and use it to release new and exciting features every few weeks.”
–Nishith Chudasama,
Crexendo, VP of Enginerring



In addition to new or enhanced features, frequent updates offer better compatibility with different devices or applications. They can also improve the stability which is critical for day to day business operations. All of our updates have one aim: making the user experience even better. In this way, we can ensure that you get the most from your Crexendo phone system.

If your business currently uses a legacy PBX system, you’re probably well aware that adding features is often complicated and expensive. It often results in a separate fee for each new upgrade, sending your bill skyrocketing

VoIP makes it easy and inexpensive to add an additional user. Additionally, you can scale your system without the expensive installation of new lines. In other words, VoIP systems can grow comfortably alongside your business, no matter what your size.

Thank you for reading this week’s blog! Join us next week for more information on how Crexendo delivers the right telecom solution for your business! If you have questions regarding how Crexendo’s hosted cloud solutions can benefit your business, call us at (602) 714 – 8500 or request a quote on our website here.