January 11th, 2019 / By Clarissa Allison

Crexendo’s series continues to focus on the best reasons for a business of any size to make the switch from their POTS (plain old telephone system) to a hosted cloud telecom solution. Let’s talk about why Crexendo stands out in the “cloud”!

Focus on What You Do Best. We’ll Do the Rest.

Have you recently started your business, or do you have a company that’s already enjoyed some longevity? There are some important questions to keep asking yourself as a business owner.

  • How efficiently are you operating?
  • Are you making the best use of technology and automation to get the job done?
  • Are there areas you can save time?

Like any successful company, you want to maximize cost savings and business efficiency. In addition, you also want to focus your time and attention to growing your business. Crexendo opens up a new window of opportunity for you to save both time and money with our award-winning hosted Cloud solution. Our team of expert engineers strive to give you what your business needs to succeed. One integrated solution that prioritizes YOUR business needs: We are here to listen and understand your goals in order to develop the optimal communications solution.

Crexendo 10 Reasons To Switch To The Cloud – Focus

Crexendo makes it easy for our clients. We eliminate the cost, risk and time associated with maintenance agreements, software upgrades, on-site equipment rooms, and multiple local and long distance phone bills. In its place, we provide a custom configured Cloud Solution that will serve our clients and their customers for years to come. Crexendo’s customers receive tools that operate in the cloud and are easy to deploy. On our platform you’ll enjoy services like integration with your CRM, voice mails, “find me follow me” and the ability to host video conferences. Simply put, Crexendo helps your employees to stay connected whether they are in the office or on the go. In this way, the cloud enables your company to maintain a consistent business presence and assists in increasing productivity!


Installation, maintenance and support are all fully managed by Crexendo – giving you more time for your core business.


Technology and the Business environment are the two of the most rapidly changing elements of our world. As a result, it is increasingly vital to make sure that your business takes advantage of the very best that cloud communications has to offer. Stop worrying about regular software updates and maintenance costs! Crexendo gives you the power to keep up with the latest technology. When you ride the cloud, you ensure that your business is as reliable and efficient as it can be.

Crexendo 10 Reasons To Switch To The Cloud – FocusOur experts are here 24/7 with live support to assist you!

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Thank you for reading this week’s blog! Join us next week for more information on how Crexendo delivers the right telecom solution for your business! If you have questions regarding how Crexendo’s hosted cloud solutions can benefit your business, call us at (602) 714 – 8500 or contact our sales team here.