November 6th, 2018 / By Clarissa Allison

In this weekly series, we’ll discuss the best reasons for a business of any size to make the switch from their POTS (plain old telephone system) to a hosted cloud telecom solution. Let’s talk about why Crexendo stands out in the “cloud”!

First of all, if you are still using a traditional analog phone system or Private Branch Exchange (PBX), you’re not alone. Traditional landlines are easy to understand and have a number of standard functions. However, PBX systems operate using cumbersome equipment that may take up a lot of room in your office space. The equipment is often pricier, too, including expensive installation charges!

Due to today’s highly competitive marketplace, businesses are focused on profit and cost reduction as never before. Now more than ever, it’s vital to think about how your business can successfully move to the cloud. Consequently, Crexendo strives to keep costs low while letting our customers take advantage of the great strides in software application that the cloud has to offer!

Your Data Is Safe In The Cloud

Within the VoIP industry, we hear a common misconception in switching to hosted Cloud services is the sacrifice of data security and the risk of unauthorized access.  Security of personal or work devices is vital in keeping employees productive and important data safe. For these reasons, Crexendo is fully committed to the reliability and security of our Cloud systems. Our world-class data center features multiple levels of redundancy and the highest level of security defense. Above all, every phase of our development is measured against the maximum security and reliability standards.

We Abide By Stringent Regulatory Requirements…Most Don’t!

  •        We have achieved PCI compliance which means that Crexendo is always protecting you with the upmost levels of security standards.
  •        Another important factor to consider, is that Crexendo is a registered CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) adhering to strict FCC standards. This means we can operate as a telephone company to compete with the already established local telephone business, and provide our own network and switching.
  •        We add encryption for even greater privacy and security. With Crexendo, you can be certain your business conversations are secure!

Thank you for reading this week’s blog! Join us next week for more information on how Crexendo delivers the right telecom solution for your business! If you have questions regarding how Crexendo’s hosted cloud solutions can benefit your business, call us at (602) 714 – 8500 or request a quote on our website here.