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Unified Communications | Crexendo


“Simple, Brilliant, Unified Communications.”

Unified Communications gives your business the competitive advantage of managing all your communications (phone, fax, voice mail, video, email, chat, text and instant messaging) through one system. It streamlines your company’s communications, makes your employees more productive and efficient while reducing your telecom costs.

Crexendo is a technology growth leader in the UC space. We combine intuitive, powerful, award-winning cloud technologies with white glove customer service and support. Our all-inclusive hosted phone system, easy-to-use portal, and robust mobile applications allow you to manage all your business communications solutions with no IT experience necessary.

It’s a connected world, and your workforce needs to communicate anytime, anywhere. Crexendo solutions give them the flexibility to be efficient and effective no matter where your business takes them.

10 Reasons To Choose Crexendo!

Lower your total cost of ownership with our enterprise-class hosted communications products

  • Low or no up-front capital expenditure
  • Low, fixed monthly bill, no hidden fees
  • No local dial tone costs
  • No maintenance fees
  • Free domestic long distance to the US and Canada

Whether you’re working from the office, home, or around the world, Crexendo’s full-featured telephony platform makes it easy to perform day-to-day business communications

  • “Find me/Follow me” feature lets people know the best way to reach you
  • Receive calls on any device. Office phone, mobile app, home phone. Or ring them all at once!
  • Listen to voicemails right from your inbox with Voicemail-to-Email and further enhance your voicemail with our transcription option
  • Manage your phone system from anywhere with our central Portal.

Earthquakes,floods, natural disasters, and power outages can be costly. When you use Crexendo, your phone system’s data is stored in secure and redundant data centers safe from harm, so you can stay in contact and continue doing business even when disaster strikes.

  • Use Crexendo’s Portal to failover calls and route to alternate locations or mobile devices
  • Make adjustments on demand to network extensions without a 3rd party service call
  • Move employee locations at the drop of a hat. Just plug your Crexendo business phone into any wired internet connection
  • Crexendo’s phone system can even answer and return your calls when your internet connection is down
Free up your staff from time-consuming, repetitive phone system support. Let them spend their time on more valuable projects while Crexendo manages the installation, maintenance, and support of your business communications

  • Crexendo will properly architect the right solution for your business from the start
  • Installation, maintenance, and application support are fully managed from Crexendo
  • Our experts are here to assist you with 24/7 live, US-based support

Crexendo’s expert engineers regularly deliver enhancements and updates every 6-8 weeks, with no downtime. That means you’re always running on the latest, most advanced and secure version without any business interruptions

  • Crexendo consistently delivers the latest and best telecom features
  • Updates scheduled every 6-8 weeks. Non-interruptive so you won’t even notice they are happening
  • Regular updates are made with customer’s needs in mind to ensure Crexendo is delivering the most value for your money

Crexendo’s advanced line of devices use “Plug & Talk” Technology to ensure hassle-free installation. Along with our intuitive applications and support, the days of expensive and time consuming IT setups are over.

  • Devices arrive pre-configured. Setup is quick and easy
  • Intuitive web portal is easy to configure and maintain. Manage all office locations from one portal
  • Multiple security roles empower employees to make pre-authorized changes without added IT support
CrexMo, the Crexendo mobile app, brings the power and sophistication of a desktop business phone to your iOS or Android device.

  • Works with existing 4G, LTE, or WiFi connection
  • Bring Your Own Device? Separate business and personal calls using Outbound Business Caller ID
  • Working Globally? All inbound calls to the United States are FREE when using CrexMo over WiFi
  • Text and video conferencing capabilities within the app

What’s the use of a powerful system if it is too complex to use? Crexendo offers intuitive interfaces that make it easy to control your phone system. You can centrally manage, and make common changes like adding new extensions, easily without placing expensive IT service calls.

  • Manage your entire phone system from anywhere with our intuitive web portal
  • Make phone system changes on-the-fly from your desktop or mobile device
  • Control your devices and system in real-time with simple interfaces

You want to grow your business. Whether that means boosting your bottom line or increasing efficiency, partnering with Crexendo means you’ll have an affordable, hosted phone system that can scale with your business

  • Easily scalable, seamlessly expands with your business
  • Reduce monthly costs without sacrificing flexibility or critical features
  • Improve collaboration and efficiency to reach your goals quicker

Your company and customer’s data is a priority. Crexendo is fully committed to the highest levels of data security and reliability in our hosted solutions. Our world-class data center features the highest levels of redundancy and data security, so you can rest assured your information is safe and protected.

  • Crexendo is PCI and HIPPA compliant
  • Crexendo is a registered CLEC and adheres to strict FCC standards
  • Additional encryption is available for even greater privacy and security

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Take the power of Crexendo with you using the CrexMo mobile app for your iOS or Android device

Explore Phone System Features

Crexendo’s cloud-based phone system combines the best features of a traditional phone system without the overwhelming cost, maintenance, or hassle. Our hosted solutions, award winning, patented equipment, and US-Based customer service ensure you will have a premium phone suite without the premium cost


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